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Meet Hugo – a new member of the Hearing Dogs Team!

John (Partner Vet) has donated one of his beautiful pups (Hugo!) to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Wicstun Vets have supported the Hearing Dogs for many years and we work closely with the team at the local centre in Bielby.

Hugo the puppyHearing Dogs for Deaf People are a charity who work with our canine friends and train them to alert deaf people to important and potentially life-saving sounds they would otherwise miss. Sounds you may take for granted like the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals like a fire alarm. Being aware of these – thanks to a hearing dog – makes a real difference to deaf people’s lives, and can even save them.

Having worked closely for the past 15 years with the dogs and staff at the Hearing Dogs Northern training centre, I am delighted to be able to support them by donating one of our Labrador puppies. Hugo will be with a foster family initially before being assessed for training and the hope is he will become a sire in the breeding program for future Hearing Dogs.” John Sleigh, Partner Vet at Wicstun Vet Group

Hugo very quickly made himself at home and is ready to start his training with his Hearing Dog puppy training volunteer. He will hopefully start achieving his Puppy Stars in no time! We can’t wait for updates and to watch him grow!