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CT scans allow us to see a 3D picture of the inside your pet’s body. This is a technique that is completely non-invasive, however the patient needs to be completely still, meaning a general anaesthetic is usually required.

CT allows us to find more complex problems including soft tissue or orthopaedic injuries, musculo-skeletal problems, cancers and tumours and much more. Often, a CT will mean a quicker diagnosis and in most cases can be treated in house, by your own vet and nurses.
CT scans are usually completed within 20 minutes, during which time our team of fantastic nurses will monitor your pets anaesthetic.

You can expect your pet to come home the same day unless further surgery or hospitalisation is required.

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Our CT Team

We have a team of Vets and Nurses who have a keen interest in diagnostic imaging.

They have had specific training on our CT scanner as well as additional study in CT and diagnostic medicine.

  • Will Taylor - Vet
  • Andrew Moll - Vet
  • Eleanor Towle - Head Nurse
  • Amy Maskell - RVN
  • Amy Horsewood - RVN
  • Tanya Craven - SVN