We can’t speak highly enough of the Wicstun Nursing Team – they provide an incredibly skilled, professional and caring service to patients and pet owners alike.

Having trained for many years, they continually keep up to date with the latest techniques, theories and best practice. When your pets need our help, they couldn’t be in safer or kinder hands.

Pet Health Clinics are a consultation service run by our experienced, RCVS registered nurses.

Through a variety of clinic types, they can support you and your pet through all life stages – from those first few days together right through to twilight years. They can also carry out some minor procedures.

We’re very proud to be able to offer a wide range of Pet Health Clinics, including but not limited to:

  • Pre-Pet Consultation - thinking of getting a pet? Come and discuss your ideas, discover the practicalities before you commit – we can help you find the right species and breed for you
  • New Pet Health Check - your new pet has had a few days to settle in, let’s introduce them to visits to the vets, chat about how you’re getting on and address any queries you may have
  • Adolescent Check Up - don’t they grow up quickly!? At roughly 4 – 6 months of age, your pet is starting to learn about the world from a teenage/ young adult perspective. Behaviours change and interactions with the surrounding world become hormonally driven. Find out how to ensure that your pet is progressing well and learn how to recognise and keep unwanted behaviours at bay
  • Parasite Control - let our nurses help you detect and prevent fleas, ticks, mites, worms and all sorts of other parasitic problems. We’ll show you the most appropriate product combination for your pet based upon lifestyle and ease
  • Oral Hygiene - like humans, your pet will need dental treatment at some stage in his/ her life. Following professional advice, there are steps you can take to prolong the onset, and reduce the frequency, of dental problems. Regular examinations by a qualified member of the veterinary team will identify issues at an early stage leading to less invasive correction
  • Minor Procedures - blood sampling, blood pressure testing, wound management, dressings, suture removals, routine anal gland expressing, medication administration, 2nd vaccinations, microchipping and more
  • Post Operative Check Ups - Outpatient care for your pet following routine operations
  • Chronic Illness Well-Being Clinics - monitoring and support for patients with chronic illness/ disease such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Thyroid conditions, Heart conditions and more
  • Weight Management Clinics - Whether your pet is underweight or overweight, due to illness or lifestyle, we will create and monitor a programme specific to your pet’s needs to ensure that all important optimal body condition is reached and maintained
  • Mature/ Geriatric Clinics - Your pet’s care needs change as they get older, let our nurses help you to keep your pet in tip top condition and detect any problems early

Clinic sessions are available at every Wicstun Vets branch, contact Market Weighton, Pocklington or South Cave for more details.

Our fantastic team of Registered Veterinary Nurses have a huge depth of knowledge and they are available for consultations most days of the week (including weekends!). At each practice, there is a Lead Nurse that runs and overlooks the majority of the nurse clinics that we offer. 

Meet our friendly nurses

Our standard nurse consultations start from £12.50. 

Our nurses consultations offer:

Nurse Clinic ServicePrice
Post operative checks Free of charge
Nail clips £22
De-matts (Clipping away matted fur only) £22.50
Medicine administrations. Flea and worming treatment applications, administering eye/ear drops for your pet £12.50
General health checks – we will advise clients to book in with a vet if the nurse finds anything needing further investigation or diagnosis £12.50
2nd vaccinations Contact us for prices
Blood pressure checks £33.50
Blood sampling Fee dependent on test performed
FNA (fine needle aspirate) sampling for cytology tests Fee dependent on test performed
Anal gland emptying £25
Microchipping £25
Weight clinics £12.50
Behaviour clinics £12.50
Senior Pet Clinic (includes urine test & blood pressure check) £20
New Puppy and Kitten Checks Free of charge for initial check up
Dental check ups £12.50

If you wish to see a nurse, please contact your local branch to book your appointment.

Please note, our nurses are unable to diagnose so in the case of an ill or injured animal, you must make an appointment with a Veterinary Surgeon.

To arrange an appointment, please contact your local branch below.

To explore more about our Nurse Clinics, see below:

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